Harvest Capital Partners LLC provides real estate principal advisory services to institutional clients. Harvest brings 35+ years of experience and perspective as Institutional Advisors, Private Real Estate fund principals, Public REIT principals and Real Estate Development Managers. Harvest provides advisory services on Core, Core Plus, Value Add and Opportunistic Real Estate, and for all product types.

Areas of Expertise

  • Co-Investment Fiduciary and Recommendations
  • Investments
  • Asset and Portfolio Strategy
  • Troubled Assets workouts
  • JV Negotiations and Structure
  • Hold-Sell Execution
  • Manager and Fund RFPs
  • Develop Policies, procedures and reporting
  • Benchmarking and attribution analysis
  • Leverage strategy
  • Asset Management
  • Valuations

Client Profile and Service Examples

Corporate Pension Fund Advisor

  • Direct Separate Account Management
  • Fund Investment Account Management
  • Troubled Asset workouts
  • Investment Recommendations
  • RFPs for Separate Accounts and Fund Managers
  • Portfolio Strategy and Manager Oversight

Public Pension Fund Advisor

  • Project Consulting
  • Co-Investment Recommendations, Underwriting, Due Diligence
  • Direct Owned Assets advisor
  • Investment Sourcing, Underwriting, and Due Diligence
  • JV Negotiation
  • Asset Management Services
  • Development project feasibility and JV structure

Institutional Advisor

  • Investment Advisor on Direct Owned Portfolio
  • Portfolio Strategy and Reporting
  • Annual Asset Business Plans Reporting (ABPs)
  • Hold Sell Analysis, Valuations and ARGUS Modeling
  • Benchmarking Performance
  • Leverage Strategy and implementation
  • Asset Management
  • Development Project Feasibility and permitting analysis


  • SEC Registered Investment Advisor
  • Minority Women Owned Business